This site was created to share information about legal, financial and economic issues. We particularly care about the interface between the three.

Public and private

One of themes we want to focus on is the interface between public and private; public interest vs. private, public services and how private interaction may improve the public sector’s performance. And the other side of public and private interaction: private behaviour as influenced by public legislation and regulation. We will focus on selected compliance issues. Compliance rules, which is good and bad. 


Sharing is a two-way event, give and take. On our blog page, we will regularly add comments about interesting and actual topics – including articles of other people. We encourage you to respond by adding a comment. Please contact us if you have a relevant article that you would like to publish on our page. 

Under construction

We are still working on the look, feel and content of this site. Rather than bore you with an “under construction” sign, we’ve decided to conduct our work in the open. But please don’t get upset when things look a bit unsettled and are moved around and changed . 



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At Heuvelmerk we strive to create value for our clients by providing smart solutions. With knowledge of the law and economics and a proper dose of common sense. We can add value by structuring and negotiating a transaction for a client; but value may also be created by sharing knowledge (be it our own or that of other people). We hope that this site will inspire you.

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